September 5, 2005, 2:45
Tapestry Arts Fesival 2005  
outdoor concert.
October 12, 2003
House Concert and party at 
Daniel and Alison's with
Franco Morone for about 40 people.
Music of the Spheres 
Lick Observatory
July 17, 2005
House Concert and party at 
Daniel and Alison's with
Michael Chapdelaine
National Fingerpicking Champion
Fri., September 15, 2006, 7:30pm
"Music of the Spheres"
Live concert at Lick Observatory
with Daniel and
Muriel Anderson
Sat.,  September 16, 2006, 7:30pm
"Music of the Spheres"
Live concert at Lick Observatory
with Daniel and 
Peppino D'Agostino
These two concerts will sell out early. If you want to go, don't delay in reserving tickets. After the concert, you get to look through the big telescope and hear a great astronomer talk about the universe while showing amazing slides taken by the Hubble.
Sat. September 10, 2005, 7:00pm

Daniel Roest
Live Solo concert at
Portland Classic Guitar
11923 SE McLoughlin Blvd., 
Milwaukie, OR 97222
$15/$10 Seniors and Students. Group rates for 10 or more people is $8. 

For advance tickets call 503-652-1418

Sat., September 5, 2005, 2:45pm
Live outdoor concert at
The Guitar Stage hosted by the
South Bay Guitar Society
adjacent to the Center for the Performing Arts, Almaden and Park, downtown San Jose. Free Admssion!
Encore Duet with Franco 8/26/05 at Music of the Spheres, Lick Observatory
Fri., July 7, 2006, 10:00am
Daniel Roest
Live Solo concert at
Folsom City Library
Free event for 
Senior First Fridays Series
Dear Daniel-
Your performance at the Senior First Friday program was fantastic.  The response from the audience has been extremely positive, and many people asked for more music programming at the library.  Your professional skills and love of music was very clearly conveyed to the audience.  The attendance for the program was our highest ever (96); so we look forward to more collaboration and music promotion with you in the future new library.
Thanks again,
Diane Knight
Library Manager
Folsom Public Library
Laurence Juber
Workshop and Concert

June 30, 8pm
July 30, 3pm
September 30, 1pm
September 30, 8pm
October 22, 3pm
October 26, 7pm
November 29, 7pm

January 28, 3pm
January 29 6-8pm
February 24, 1pm
February 25, 3pm
March 24, 3pm
March 25, 3pm
April 28, 1pm
April 29, 3pm
May 19, 1pm 
May 19, 8pm
October 22, 7:30pm

Franco Morone House Concert
Daniel Roest House Concert
Laurence Juber Guitar Workshop
Laurence Juber House Concert
Richard Gilewitz House Concert
Richard Gilewitz Guitar Workshop
Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally Guitar Workshop

Muriel Anderson House Concert
Muriel Anderson Guitar Workshop
George Sakellariou Guitar Workshop
George Sakellariou House Concert
Michael Chapdelaine Guitar Workshop
Michael Chapdelaine House Concert
James Kline Guitar Workshop
James Kline Concert
Peppino D’Agostino Guitar Workshop, Folsom
Peppino D’Agostino Garden Concert, Loomis
Muriel Anderson House Concert
Jazz great MIMI FOX 
headlines with Daniel at
 Lick Observatory 
Sat., Sept. 8, 2007.

Acoustic Guitarist at 
Lick Observatory with DR

Richard Gilewitz9/6/08Lick Observatory
Duck Baker4/19/2008guitar workshop, Roest residence
Lily Afshar3/8/08Roest residence​
Mark Hanson2/9/08guitar workshop, Roest residence
Mimi Fox9/8/07Lick Observatory
Mark Hanson9/7/07Lick Observatory
Peppino D'Agostino5/19/2007House Concert, Williams Pond
Peppino D'Agostino workshop5/219/2007Roest residence
James Kline   4/28.07     Our House Gallery, El Dorado Hills
Michael Chapdelaine   3/25.07     Our House Gallery, El Dorado Hills
Michael Chapdelaine workshop3/24/07  Roest residence
George Sakellariou   2/25.07     Our House Gallery, El Dorado Hills
George Sakellariou workshop2/24/07  Roest residence
Muriel Anderson workshop  1/29.07   Roest residence
Muriel Anderson1/28.07Our House Gallery, El Dorado Hills
Richard Gilewitz10/22/06House Concert
Laurence Juber9/30/06House Concert, Williams Pond
Muriel Anderson      9/14/06Lick Observatory
Peppino D'Agostino   9/15/2006Lick Observatory
Franco Morone6/30/06house concert, Williams
Chris Proctor 8/27/05Lick Observatory
Franco Morone8/26/2005Lick Observatory
Michael Chapdelaine 7/17/05house concert, Roest residence
Laurence Juber8/28/2004Lick Observatory
Franco Morone10/12/03house concert, Roest
Muriel Anderson8/24/2003house concert, Roest residence
Muriel Anderson8/23/2003Lick Observatory
San Francisco Guitar Quartet5/17/2003Le Petit Trianon
Rico & Beca Stover with Ramon Romero4/26/2003Le Petit Trianon,
Ricardo Cobo3/29/2003Le Petit Trianon
Johan Fostier2/22/2003Palo Alto Cultural Center
WIlliam Kanengiser masterclass11/29/02Santa Clara University
Dusan Bogdanovic10/26/2002Montgomery Theater
Martha Masters class and Concert11/17/02 De Anza College, Le Petit Trianon
Marco Pereira10/26/2002Montgomery Theater
Peppino D'Agostino10/26/2002Montgomery Theater
Brian Gore10/26/2002Montgomery Theater
Michael Chapdelaine8/25/2002house concert, Roest residence
Michael Chapdelaine8/24/2002Lick Observatory
Ricardo Iznaola class, Arts Express and concert4/18,19,20 2002 Le Petit Trianon
Cem Duruoz and Muriel Anderson, DAS3/9/02 The Stage Theater
San Francisco Guitar Quartet12/13/01  at St. Joseph Cathedral
Jeff Linsky8/25/2001Lick Observatory
Duck Baker8/26/2000Lick Observatory
James Kline8/26/2000Lick Observatory
Peppino D'Agostino9/11/1999Lick Observatory
Guillermo Rios9/11/1999Lick Observatory
Falla Guitar Trio5/15/1999Le Petit Trianon
Denis AzabagicFirst Unitarian Church of San Jose
Lily Afshar3/27/1999Le Petit Trianon
Lily Afshar3/26/1999Le Petit Trianon
Lily Afshar3/25/1999Le Petit Trianon
Keigo Fujii2/27/1999Le Petit Trianon
James Kline11/21/1998Le Petit Trianon
Judicaël Perroy11/7/1998Le Petit Trianon
Elena Papandreou10/24/1998Le Petit Trianon
Keni "El Lebrijano" Parker9/12/1998Lick Observatory
Peppino D'Agostino9/12/1998Lick Observatory
Christopher Parkening (produced by Montalvo Arts)7/24/1998Villa Montalvo
Woody Mann7/11/1998The Stage Theater
Brandon Yip7/11/1998The Stage Theater
Keni "El Lebrijano" Parker7/11/1998The Stage Theater
Carlos Molina5/9/1998Le Petit Trianonhttp://
Margarita Escarpa4/4/1998The Stage Theater
Lily Afshar3/14/1998Le Petit Trianon
Sharon Wayne3/3/1998Le Petit Trianon
Rico Stover3/3/1998Le Petit Trianon
Paulo Bellinati3/1/1998Union Church of Cupertino
Sharon Isbin Masterclass2/5/1998San Jose State University
Paul Galbraith1/31/1998Le Petit Trianon
Fabio Zanon11/22/1997Le Petit Trianon
Michael Bautista11/8/1997Le Petit Trianon
David Burgess10/24/1997Le Petit Trianon
William Coulter8/16/1997Lick Observatory
Susan McDonald8/16/1997Lick Observatory
Scott Nygaard7/12/1997The Stage Theater
James Kline7/12/1997The Stage Theater
Ken Brown7/12/1997The Stage Theater
Sharon Wayne5/24/1997Le Petit Trianon
Susan McDonald4/19/1997Le Petit Trianon
Harold Micay2/15/1997Le Petit Trianon
Lily Afshar1/24/1997Le Petit Trianon
Frank Longay and Longay Guitar Center Students12/8/1996Le Petit Trianon
Antigoni Goni11/21/1996Foothilll College
Rico Stover9/29/1996Le Petit Trianon
Ken Brown and Friends8/18/1996Le Petit Trianon
Peppino D'Agostino8/2/1996The Stage Theater
Mark Sessler8/2/1996The Stage Theater
David "El Escritor" Easley (deceased)8/2/1996The Stage Theater
Lawrence Ferrara6/30/1996Le Petit Trianon
Masakazu Ito5/19/1996Le Petit Trianon
Masakazu Ito Masterclass5/18/1996Le Petit Trianon
Carlos Barbosa-Lima Masterclass4/7/1996Le Petit Trianon
Carlos Barbosa-Lima4/6/1996Le Petit Trianon
Cem Duruöz2/25/1996Le Petit Trianon
Brandon Yip1/6/1996The Stage Theater
Sharon Wayne1/6/1996The Stage Theater
Neil Hogan1/6/1996The Stage Theater
David Dueñas1/6/1996The Stage Theater
David "El Escritor" Easley (deceased)1/6/1996The Stage Theater
Dancing On Strings Trio12/17/1995Le Petit Trianon
The Alma Duo11/26/1995Le Petit Trianon
Margarita Escarpa10/29/1995Le Petit Trianon
Marc Teicholz9/24/1995Le Petit Trianon
Sharon Wayne7/30/1995Le Petit Trianon
Brandon Yip6/25/1995Le Petit Trianon
Mariano Córdoba5/28/1995Le Petit Trianon
Dodini/Greathouse Guitar & Voice Duo4/30/1995Le Petit Trianon
Paul Galbraith3/26/1995Le Petit Trianon
Mori Achen2/26/1995Le Petit Trianon
Jack Olver1/29/1995Le Petit Trianon
Philip Roshegher10/30/1994Le Petit Trianon
The Panorpheus Flute & Guitar Duo8/28/1994Le Petit Trianon
Charles Hornaday7/31/1994Le Petit Trianon
Sharon Wayne6/26/1994Le Petit Trianon
Hector Garcia5/29/1994Le Petit Trianon
Kevin Gallegher4/24/1994Foothilll College
Lawrence Ferrara3/25/1994Le Petit Trianon
The Humboldt Guitar Quartet2/19/1994Le Petit Trianon
The Heartstrings Trio1/28/1994Saratoga Library
Cem Duruöz11/30/1993Saratoga Library
James and Chris Robinson Guitar & Piano Duo10/25/1993Saratoga Library
Jason Vieux Masterclass10/3/1993Community School of Music and Art
Jason Vieux10/2/1993Community School of Music and Art
Henriques and Hodges Guitar & Saxophone Duo9/27/1993Saratoga Library
Mori Achen7/26/1993Saratoga Library
Bennet Zussman6/28/1993Saratoga Library
Frank Longay and San Jose Talent Education6/28/1993Saratoga Library
Richard Patterson/Karen Bentley Guitar & Violin Duo5/24/1993Saratoga Library
Marc Teicholz4/26/1993home of Don and Sheila Call
Mariano Córdoba3/29/1993Saratoga Library
Alice Artzt Masterclass2/20/1993Foothilll College
Ray Burley2/20/1993Foothilll College
Charles Hornaday1/25/1993home of Don and Sheila Call
Angelo Favis12/28/1992Saratoga Library
Ken Brown10/26/1992Saratoga Library
McDowell/Schulze Duo9/28/1992Saratoga Library
Jim Ferguson8/31/1992Saratoga Library
Jamey Bellizzi7/27/1992San Jose Music Center
Kenny Hill6/29/1992Saratoga Library
Kevin and Lydia McDowell Guitar & Violin Duo5/25/1992Saratoga Library
Ken Andrade/Margaret Collar Guitar & Flute Duo5/25/1992Saratoga Library
Andrés Faz4/27/1992Saratoga Library
Cem Duruöz 4/6/52 San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art
Gerd Wuestemann3/30/1992Saratoga Library
Peter Danner2/24/1992Saratoga Library
Jim Ferguson2/24/1992Saratoga Library
Kenny Hill2/24/1992Saratoga Library
Phat Nguyen1/27/1992Saratoga Library
Angelo Favis1/27/1992Saratoga Library
Hector Garcia11/25/1991Saratoga Library
Laurent DeBord11/25/1991Saratoga Library
Bennet Zussman11/25/1991Saratoga Library
Gerd Wuestemann10/28/1991Saratoga Library
Susan Winsberg/Daniel Roest Flute & Guitar Duo10/28/1991Saratoga Library
Guillermo Rios9/30/1991Saratoga Library
Bennet Zussman9/30/1991Saratoga Library
Andrés Faz6/29/1991Saratoga Library
Guillermo Rios4/29/1991Saratoga Library
Jessica Hollopeter3/25/1991Saratoga Library
Carlos Barbosa-LimaMontgomery Theater
Denis AzabagicFirst Unitarian Church
Brazilian Guitar Quartet (co-presented with SJCS)Le Petit Trianon
San Francisco Guitar QuartetCathedral Basilica of St. Joseph
Michael ChapdelaineThe Stage Theater
Martha Masters MasterclassDe Anza College
Martha MastersLe Petit Trianon
Ian MalcolmArts Outreach
Tony Mc ManusArts Outreach
Franco MaroneArts Outreach
Martin MastikArts Outreach
David TanenbaumMontgomery Theater
Peppino D'AgostinoMontgomery Theater
Pedram Falsafi
Babak Falsafi
Falsafi Duo
Laurence JuberThe Stage Theater
Duck BakerThe Stage Theater
Acoustic ParadiseArts Outreach
Pepe HaroArts Outreach
William Coulter /Deby Benton-Grosjean Guitar & Violin DuoTapestry Arts Festival
Philip RoshegherTapestry Arts Festival
William Coulter and Benjamin VerderyLe Petit Trianon
Brandon YipArts Outreach
David Tanenbaum MasterclassFoothilll College
Muriel AndersonMontgomery Theater
Mimi FoxMontgomery Theater
Susan McDonaldMontgomery Theater
Muriel AndersonThe Stage Theater
Cem DuruözThe Stage Theater
Lorenzo Micheli
Kevin Gallagher
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